Women's Wood Sunglasses - Lisa in Various Colors


A combination of pointed angles and rounded shapes makes Lisa a universal part of a woman's appearance. It doesn't matter what you are wearing because you will look fascinating with these beautiful shades!

Features 100% locally sourced wood from sustainable forests, lightweight polarized acetate lenses, spring-loaded metal hinges with increased margin of safety, wood specially treated with unique mix of natural oil and beeswax, and packaged with hand-sewn flax pouch and custom-made cardboard box. Produced using rigorous 11-step authentication process using precise machinery and handmade with care. Price: $99-$155. Frames available in wenge, walnut, ashwood, Siberian birchwood and black hornbeam. Lens available in dark grey, brown, and sky blue. Weighs 50 grams (1.76 ounces). Handcrafted in Siberia. Ships worldwide.

For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will fund Designers Against AIDS to help raise AIDS awareness in the international media and towards the general public.


$20 flat rate shipping on worldwide orders for all BREVNO products. Items ship from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Please allow 7-14 business days for delivery.


All orders include a 365-day warranty on all items.

Defects/damaged Items

In case of production defect, BREVNO will repair or replace the details of your glasses.

Production defects include: deformation of frame (more than 0.5 cm); lens falling-out; large split or cracks on frame (more than 0.5 cm); spontaneous unglue of elements (without evidence of heavy water influence); breakdown and deformation of connecting screws and hinges.

Production defects do not include: damage which occurred as a result of mechanical effect (falling, excessive pressure, excessive moisture influence, handling of products not according to the purpose); defects which occurred during handling of the frame not according to the purpose; scratches on the surface of the frame and lenses; fogging or change in color of the frame.

If covered by warranty, customer pays for shipping cost to BREVNO, and BREVNO will pay for return shipping to customer for delivery of replaced product and product restoration. If not covered by warranty, customer pays for shipping in both directions.

Please send defective glasses for repairs or replacement to the following address:


Ady Lebedevoy ul. 93v

Krasnoyarsk 660017 Russia


Returns are allowed within two weeks of delivery date. Items must be returned unused in their original conditions and customer must pay for return shipping.

"Cute glasses! Love the shape and color. Fit perfectly."

- Kristina Yarmolich

"Thank you so very much! love love love!"

- Kat Von D

Ecological Design

Frames are made of wood from renewable sources, natural ingredients for processing and details from certified factories are used in production with minimal waste, and any waste is 100% recycled.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses help block excessive light from reflected surfaces, and safely allows only natural light in. In other words, excessive light produced from puddles, wet asphalt, snow and water surface, and other bright exteriors will not blind you when viewed with polarized lenses.

"BREVNO is our way of sharing harsh Siberian beauty.

Siberia is mighty rivers and thick taiga, hot summer and freezing winter, large cities and great people, freedom and scope, power and joy.

In the heart of Siberia we make things that tell the world about our land. In 2013, in our small woodworking workshop we decided to create a product which contains Siberian soul, beauty and strength, modern design approach and firm production technologies. This is how BREVNO wooden sunglasses were born. We spent hours, days and years working on glasses wearing qualities, production technologies and outfit.

It is important for us that orders for BREVNO glasses come to Krasnoyarsk from different cities of Russia, from the U.S.A., Germany, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Korea and other countries. It is a pleasure for us that musicians from Limp Bizkit, Die Antwoord, Sunsay and Sergey Babkin didn't take fridge magnets or birch bark baskets with them as a souvenir from Krasnoyarsk. They took BREVNO products. It means that we are doing everything right."


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