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      In response to global climate catastrophes and soaring rates of carbon emissions over the last several decades, Jetset Times is committed to offsetting all of the purchases made in our shop to do our part in protecting the beautiful planet we so love to travel and explore. We’ve teamed up with One Tree Planted, a Vermont-based non-profit, to guarantee that for every item in your cart, one tree will be planted to offset the manufacturing and shipping emissions of your purchase. We call that purchasing with a purpose, and it just feels right, doesn’t it?


      Not only do trees provide habitat for over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, but even just one mature tree can absorb up to 22 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. That’s equivalent to a full gallon of gas! But we’re not just planting one tree—we’re joining reforestation efforts to breathe new life and fresh air into acres of land on six continents across the globe, so you can offset before you jetset. 

      offset before you Jetset

      Our friends at One Tree Planted are dedicated to reforesting and safeguarding forests destroyed by wildfires or depleted through resource and industry extraction, so you can rest assured that every dollar you spend is making a real impact where it matters. Through partnerships with Forest Services and conservation organizations worldwide, One Tree Planted has tallied over 30 million trees planted in 43 different countries since 2014 with the help of over 250 planting partners, and we’re proud to be one of them.

      As avid travelers and cultural storytellers, we feel that it’s our collective duty to keep the planet healthy so our adventures never have to end. With ethically made products and our “Offset before you Jetset” initiative, we’re eager to join a global fight against climate change, one we invite you to be a part of with every purchase you make. Check out the Jetset Times shop to purchase with a purpose today.