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      Fun. Innovative. Global. 

      That's who we are! If you're here, you probably already know about Jetset Times - our digital travel platform.

      The same creative and fearless team is also behind this SHOP, discovering and collaborating with small business and artisans from around the world.   

      Your One-Stop Shop!

      What you'll find at Jetset Time SHOP - and truly what we're really proud of - is a collection of worldwide entrepreneurs who had an idea and BOOM, made it into reality.

      The products they make are mostly eco-friendly, sustainable, and socially-conscious.

      Many of them work with local organizations that they truly care about, and a percentage of your purchase goes toward those causes.

      Our goal is to ensure that you can explore the world and strut your style with utmost confidence.

      Be A Jetset Brand Ambassador!

      Interested in repping our brand?

      We'll send you products, and you can become our brand ambassador by posting them on social media!

      Email if you're interested, we'd love to hear from you!

      - Love, Team JST