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Jetset Times has partnered with Golden Frog to feature the World's Fastest VPN service, VyprVPN! VyprVPN offers sleek, cutting-edge apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, TV and Router so you can safely secure your devices in seconds. With a free 3-day trial included for all monthly and annual plans, this VPN service is fast, easy-to-use and stable with time-saving features like one-click connect, one-tap server selection, and a ping test to choose the fastest server. To sign up and save, click on the monthly or annual plan you prefer, complete the sign-up page, and start your free 3-day trial today! It's that simple!

Features 50+ global server locations with 200,000+ IPs, 700+ servers, private encrypted network, no third parties, apps for easy server switching, VyprDNS, up to five simultaneous VyperVPN connections, unlimited speed, and unlimited server switching. Supported platforms include, Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, Router, TV, and Linux. Services includes 24/7, year-round support. All plans include free three-day trial, cancellation at any time and for whatever reason, and is completely risk free. Subscribers to VyprVPN Premium, will thoroughly enjoy the VyprVPN Cloud included, which is an easy-to-use cloud VPN that offers total control of your network. VyprVPN Cloud users enjoy their own dedicated server and their own dedicated IP; deployment is fast and easy, so users can be up and running in minutes. Monthly price - VyprVPN: $4.98 (first month) and $9.95/per month after; VyperVPN Premium: $6.48 (first month) and $12.95/month after. Annual price - VyprVPN: $60/year; VyprVPN Premium: $80/year.

Exclusive for Jetset Times customers only, there are two ways to save big!



Get 50% off your first month. Pay only $4.98 for the first month and $9.95 each month after. Comes with three simultaneous connections, unlimited data usage, NAT Firewall Included, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN 160/256, VyprDNS - Encrypted, Zero-Knowledge DNS.

VyprVPN Premium

Get 50% off your first month. Pay only $6.48 for the first month and $12.95 each month after. Comes with five simultaneous connections, unlimited data usage, NAT Firewall Included, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN 160/256, VyprDNS - Encrypted, Zero-Knowledge DNS, Chameleon, VyprVPN Cloud access.



Get 25% off annual VyprVPN account and pay only $60 when you sign up for an annual account.

VyperVPN Premium

Get 25% off annual VyprVPN Premier account and pay only $80 when you sign up for an annual account.

Your Data. Our Servers. No Third Parties.

Unlike competitors who use third parties to host their VPN servers and DNS, Golden Frog writes 100% of its software, manages its network, owns the DNS, and owns the hardware enabling it to deliver fast and reliable VPN service. It's the only company that handles your data so your privacy and security are protected from end-to-end.

Blazing VPN Speeds and Engineered VPN Performance

Golden Frog engineered VyprVPN to have the highest level of speed and security for broadband Internet connections. Whether you are in North America, South America, Europe, Asia or Oceania, its network engineers build and continually manage its global VPN network to provide the fastest VPN speeds across the globe.

VyprVPN - Private. Secure. Open.

Golden Frog's founders have owned Internet businesses since 1994. With a vision of preserving a secure and open Internet experience while respecting user privacy, it launched VyprVPN, a personal VPN service in 2009. VyprVPN encrypts Internet connections, protects online privacy, and provides access to restricted websites.

Relentless Innovation

Golden Frog is always innovating to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital landscape. Its new Chameleon technology defeats VPN blocking and throttling worldwide. Chameleon uses the unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol and scrambles the metadata to ensure it's not recognizable via deep packet inspection (DPI). This gives users an open and unrestricted Internet experience.

VyprVPN Cloud

VyprVPN Cloud, formerly VyprVPN Server, is an easy-to-use, highly secure VPN server deployment solution that enables users to add an additional layer of security when accessing your public or private cloud servers. Easily use the VyprVPN apps to connect to your network or utilize Golden Frog's worldwide network of over 700 servers. Either way, you will be protected! Available only for VyprVPN Premium subscribers, VyprVPN Cloud is designed to eliminate the frustrations traditionally associated with configuring VPNs. It offers a highly-secure, flexible solution that's easy to set up and doesn't require significant hardware investments or lock you into a proprietary system.

"Best VPN service! You can't beat the price and the service that VyprVPN provides. Doesn't slow my connection at all and I always know that I am protected online all the time."

- Brandon C.

"Fantastic service that I can use on all my devices. The most easy and stable service I ever have used. Thank you and keep up the good work."

- Gaute S.

"As someone who values my freedom and privacy it is refreshing to discover a company who shares these values."

Andrew M.

"Golden Frog was founded in response to Room 641a, an infamous room in San Francisco where the NSA was conducting surveillance on AT&T's networks. We filed papers with the FCC to bring this alarming activity to their attention, but were ignored. Instead of waiting around for the government to protect Internet users, our response was to found Golden Frog to build tools that help preserve an open and secure Internet experience while respecting user privacy.

Golden Frog's founders, Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis, are Internet veterans who have owned and operated Internet businesses since the dawn of the public Internet in 1994 (before the Web!). Their businesses include Texas.net (one of the first 50 ISPs in the United States), Giganews (the world's leading Usenet provider), Data Foundry (data center colocation and managed services) and Golden Frog."

- Golden Frog

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