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For the traveler not connected to Wi-Fi, Jetset TimesShanghai City Guide eBook is the perfect companionmade for tourists. Affordable, readyto download and available for easy offline use, ourcity guide features highly curated and specially selected tips, tricks, travel hacks and other useful recommendations gathered by Jetset Times' contributors and experts. From top eats and must-do's to the best boutiques and neighborhood breakdowns, each chapter is filled with only our best info,so you can travel like a true local in Shanghai. Available as individual chapter downloads or as complete city guide download, grab your copy today and start traveling tomorrow!

Featureseight specially curatedchapters on all essential info, plus tips, tricks and top travel hacks on Shanghai, China.Available for purchase as individual chapter downloads or complete city guide download. Format: PDF. Compatible with any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device, including MacBook, Kindle, iPad, Surface, iPhone, Android.One download per purchase. Language: English. Pages: chapters vary between 3-5 pages; complete city guide: 30 pages. File size: chapters vary between 2.4 MB to 11.3 MB; complete city guide: 39.3 MB. Price: $0.99 per chapter; $6.99 for complete city guide.

Chapter 1:Shanghai Tips & Tricks - Every FYI You Need To Know

Shanghai is a bustling city featuring one of the most beautiful and populated urban metropolises in the world. Shanghaiis full of exciting things to see and memorable must-do's. Just in case you're too lazy to flip through a guidebook, chapter one features a quick rundown of etiquette, Wi-Fi info, cash exchange, SIM cards, walking tours and more!

Pages: 5.File size: 11.3 MB.

Chapter 2: Transportation Tips! The Best Ways To Get AroundShanghai

Getting around Shanghai is convenient and easy, since this modern city is set up to welcome millions of tourists and making transport life easier for locals. Chapter twois all about how to best getaround the city to make the most out of your trip, from trainsand metros to walking and bicycling.

Pages: 4. File size: 7.6 MB.

Chapter 3: 7Shanghai Neighborhoods - The Ultimate Breakdown Made For Travelers

The beauty of traveling inShanghai is in the diversity of its neighborhoods--from the city's urban core center in Huangpu, the waterfront's most famous tourist destination in The Bund, affluent shopping and dining in Xintiandi; and beautiful zigzag alleys and labyrinths of arts and crafts in Tianzifang. Chapter three is all about breakdowns of districts that may interest you by reputation and top must-see's.

Pages: 3. File size: 4.2 MB.

Chapter 4:EAT - Top 10 Places To Get Your Grub On In Shanghai

Today's Shanghai is filled with restaurants featuring chefs emerging from every part of the world. But to taste the true Shanghai, from modern Michelin to local hole-in-the-wall, chapter four has you covered to show you where you should devour delectable good eats.

Pages: 4. File size: 3 MB.

Chapter 5:DRINK - Top 5 Coolest Shanghai Bars For Stylish Night Owls

Shanghaiis a city world-renowned for its amazing nightlife--a lively scene full of character and an experience worthy of indulgence. Chapterfive features our top selections forthe city's best nightlife hotspots, from local watering holes, hidden gems, jazz clubs, cocktail bars and more!

Pages: 3. File size: 2.4 MB.

Chapter 6:SHOP - Top 5Local Boutiques You Can't Find Anywhere Else

With a generation of booming young designers and an exciting art scene, chaptersix is all about shopping in Shanghai! From our favorite concept store and hidden artisan crafts shop, to luxury and designer boutiques, this city offers a lovely shopping experience featuring a whole lot of unique styles for every traveler!

Pages: 3. File size: 5 MB.

Chapter 7:STAY - Top 5 Hotels To Rest And Relax In Shanghai

Authenticity, design-oriented, properties with a whole lotta character. Chapter seven features our top five picks for where you should stay in China's metropolis.

Pages: 3. File Size: 2.6 MB.

Chapter 8: 10 Apps You Will Need While Visiting China

Shanghaiis a complex, dynamic city made for tech savvy travelers. Chaptereight features our toptenapps every traveler needs to make the most out of their visit to Shanghai.

Pages: 4. File Size: 5.7 MB.

The CompleteShanghai City Guide - Includes All 8 Chapters

For the completedestinationexperience, the completeShanghai City Guide includes all eight chapters listed above as a downloadable PDF--perfect for travelers not connected toWiFi and ready to use offline. A value of $7.99 for only $6.99, grab your copytoday and start traveling tomorrow!

Pages: 30. File size: 39.3 MB.

For every city guide purchase, 10% of the proceeds from eachsale will go to Hurricane Harvey Children's Relief Fund, to helpsupport and protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families.

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