Porcelain Ceramic Tea Set w/ Natural Teas from Taiwan [Jetset Times SHOP Exclusive]


Jetset Times is thrilled to partner with Teadecha to present this beautiful tea set, available only on Jetset Times SHOP! Handmade by local artisans from Taiwan, this 100% handcrafted porcelain ceramic tea set features an easy pour spout and beautiful minimalist design, perfect for your home or office. Includes two specially selected teas handpicked by local farmers from the mountains of Taiwan: the fruity taste and flowery overtones of Alishan Oolong tea and delicious honey sweetness of Dong Ding oolong tea. Cheers!

Features unique handmade porcelain ceramic design with easy one-hand pour. Includes two 150g (5.29oz) vacuumed-sealed packets of delicious handpicked teas from the mountains of Taiwan: Ali Shan oolong tea and Dong Ding oolong tea. Exclusive to Jetset Times SHOP. Material: black porcelain ceramic. Tea set size: 150ml (5.41oz). Price: $150. 100% handmade in Taiwan. Ships worldwide. 

Alishan 4 Seasons Oolong

Varietal: si ji chun (Four Season - 四季春)
Origin: Rui Li Village (瑞里), Ali Shan, Chia Yi County, Taiwan
Elevation: 1,200m (4,000ft)

The Alishan Oolong tea growing areas are situated between 1,000m-2,300m (3281ft-7546ft) in attitude. The high mountain conditions offer plenty of fog and low temperatures, which are ideal for oolong tea, and the water used for irrigation is from pure mountain springs. 

Mount Ali tea is characterized by its sweet fragrance with overtones of flowers and fruit. Four Season oolong tea (wu long tea) is a varietal grown in the Alishan (Mount Ali) tea region of Taiwan. Alishan is one of Taiwan's most famous tea areas. The rich soil combined with the daily fog produces ideal conditions for growing tea.

Four Season tea is a high-mountain (gao shan) tea which has been hand-picked and hand-processed by traditional methods. It is an excellent daily tea with a smooth sweet taste and pleasing color. Four Season tea is the best oolong available in this price range.

Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong

Varietal: Chin Shin (Green Heart - qing xin - 青心烏龍)
Origin: Dong Ding Mountain (凍頂山), Lugu Township, Nantou County, Taiwan
Elevation: 850m (2,800ft)

Dong Ding Ming Xiang Oolong tea is produced in the Dong Ding mountain area of Nantou county in Taiwan. Dong Ding is one of the most famous oolong tea producing regions in Taiwan. Its history stretches back to the 1860's when a Dong Ding native brought several tea plants from China back to Taiwan. Dong Ding mountain proved to have ideal climate and soil conditions for oolong tea cultivation.

The Dong Ding area was near the epicenter of the 1999 earthquake that devastated Taiwan. In the aftermath of the disaster many of the tea plantations were left unattended. When work resumed on them and the neglected wu long was picked and processed, it was found to have a deliciously sweet honey flavor. Investigation showed that the oolong tea gets its honey flavor from secretions left on it by cicadas. In order to encourage this special flavor, Dong Ding Ming Xiang wu long tea must be grown without the use of pesticides.

Taiwan Ming Xiang wu long has a distinctive sweet taste and aroma. It brews a dark color wu long tea that has a lingering sweetness that settles on the back of the tongue. Dong Ding Ming Xiang is truly one of the jewels of Taiwan wu long tea and is highly valued by oolong tea connoisseurs.

For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will fund Harmony Home to help support HIV-positive children in Taiwan and China.  Read more about why we love this organization on Jetset Times


For US-based orders, free shipping on all Teadecha items. For rest of world orders, $10 per item for all Teadecha order. Ships worldwide. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing. Please allow 10-12 business days for worldwide delivery. Items ship via local post from Taipei, Taiwan. Please keep in mind that your tea set and teas will be shipped at the same time, but in two separate packages. 

"We believe that all our friends are unique, just like our products. Renew your mind, and grab a cup. Our tea at Teadecha is the best Taiwan Tea available, sourced in person through farmers that we have developed very special relationships. These relationships ensure that all our friends enjoy the same quality, quantity, and overall experience. We ensure that our farmers are well taken care of, as well as their staff. We believe in sustainable business practices, and we believe our friends appreciate these efforts.  Moreover, these efforts will never be made at the expense of our friends. Join us friends."

- Teadecha

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