Waterproof Rain Poncho for Men & Women - Hardy Fisherman's Yellow


The only poncho you'll ever need, the lightweightWaterproof Rain Poncho - Hardy Fisherman's Yellowis made for traveling. 100% waterproof, this multi-use lightweight rain poncho features high quality 12,000mm grade Japanese polyester made forsupremeprotection against harsh outdoor elements, while providing maximum comfort and exceptional breathability with its unique three-layer knit layer woven design.

Easily foldableandextremelycompact, it easily fits in any backpack and carryon luggage making it super travel-friendlyfor flights, buses and trains. Comfortablyfits over a 50L backpack and features hidden interior handle straps for bicyclists, it's the perfectgift idea for backpackers to cover their precious packs on long trips, for hikers venturing on outdoor trails, for bicyclists commuting to-and-from work inbusy downtown cities,or for festival goers havinga good time at outdoor concerts and events--this poncho truly is made for the traveler in you!

Features 100% waterproof PU coating, high quality 12,000mm grade Japanese polyester for breathable and comfortable design, unique three-layer tricot knit layer woven design to ensure optimal protection against the rain and lets perspiration out, keeping you dry and cool in all conditions to protect against extreme outdoor elements; 100% water resistant zippered front pouch to store valuables, keys and store poncho when not in use, three buttons either side of the poncho for a tapered fit, hi-visibility and fully reflective piping all around the poncho to ensure visibility cycling at night, straps fitted on the inside to hook onto handlebars or over hands so legs are protected from rain if riding abicycle,simple pack away easy design using small compact waterproof bag, peaked hood ensuring comfort and protection from wind and rain.Dimensions (poncho bag): 9.84" x 11.81" x 1.18" (25cm x 30cm x 3cm). Weight: 13.4oz (380g). Color: yellow. Size: one-size-fits-all.Price: $67. Designed in London, England. Ships worldwide.

What is the poncho used for?

Ponchos can be worn for festivals, cycling, walking, camping, running, hiking, dancing, traveling, backpacking on long trips, you name it!It's useful for any outdoor activity.

What size do I need?

We only have one size of poncho because we have done prototype after prototype and spoken with many a person big and small and decided on a one-size-fits-all model for convenience purposes. We have customers who are 6‰Ûª3 and also 5‰Ûª2. On everyone the poncho‰Ûªs length goes to their knees or below. This means whoever you are the rain keeps your legs dry.

Is it breathable?

Yes! It needs to be, often we‰Ûªre outside being active and rain can make things a little more muggy.These ponchos have a three layer membrane, which makes it breathable in hot and cold climates.

Tell me more about this waterproof material?

We spent several months developing a fully waterproof, breathable and lightweight material that should keep you dry for many hours in the rain. The technical term for the material is TPU but we can‰Ûªtseemuch more!!

Can I wash my poncho?

No, we advise wiping it down instead with warm lightly soaped water.

Can I wear it over my backpack (i.e. cycling or hiking) and will it go over a helmet?

Yes! It's roomy enough to go over belongings if you need. It accommodates up to 50L backpack and the largest of helmets!

How do I wear my poncho? What are the features for?

Your poncho can be used for most, if not all, outdoor activity.

How small is the poncho bag it's stored in?

The poncho is stored in a little bag, perfect for traveling. Small enough to take in your day bag or rucksack, when traveling and commuting. The dimensions are 9.84" x 11.81" x 1.18" (25cm x 30cm x 3cm) and weight is just 13.4oz (380g).

Is it high visibility?

There is high-vis piping all around the poncho and hood, as well as a high-vis peak to ensure visibility when cycling in darkness.

Does it feature a drawstring hood?

The poncho featuresa drawstring hood for fitted comfort.

Does it feature poppers?

Three poppers at each side to make sleeves, enabling a more tapered fit. Useful when walking but not necessarily on the bike.

Does it come with handle straps for bicycling?

Yes! These are to be usedwhilecycling, over the handlebars, so your poncho goes over you and your bike like a little house.

"Extremely happy with my poncho. I bought the camo poncho as I loved the look of it. Hard to look good in a poncho you do in this one. It fully waterproof and practical too. Would definitely recommend."

- Doroteia Elliott

"Great design and completely waterproof. Friendly people designing a perfect poncho. Well done!"

- Fred White

"Dear Sirs, I live on a Greek island where there are no cars and this poncho has changed my life! Since walking is the only means to get around, using the People's Poncho on rainy days has saved me numerous times already. I used to get caught in the rain and get soaked by the time I got home - no more!!! Thank you for your excellent product, in both design and quality. Now purchasing more as gifts for friends! Highly recommended!!! Sincerely, Maria Hanson"

- Maria Hanson

"First experiences with poncho were great, I was kept dry while cycling without looking that stupid :)"

- Klas I.

"A breathable, waterproof, durable poncho that will be my forever festival friend."

- Jenny Horseshoe

"Good price, practical, fabric feels good, looks good, good to put over clothes to go to meetings etc in rain!"

- Jane Blanchard

"Absolutely delighted with it. It does exactly what it says on the tin!!! Perfect for dog walking."

- Frances Waddell

"Extremely happy with my poncho. I bought the camo poncho as I loved the look of it. Hard to look good in a poncho you do in this one. It fully waterproof and practical too. Would definitely recommend."

- Dot Elliot

"Easy on easy off , great for bikes, dog walking, any rainy day."

- Clive A.

"Fits well, even if I'm tall. Covers the legs on a bike. The hood is comfortably sized, but it's a squeeze to get in with glasses."

- Anders W.

"Excellent customer service, speedy delivery, Poncho is fab fully waterproof, so compact easy to carry...No more worries about the rain... Highly recommend these ponchos, you won't be disappointed.

- Wendy L.

"I‰Ûªm a photographer. In just 5 days, my poncho has: kept me and my equipment dry but ventilated on a warm day with scattered showers, served as an over-the-head sunscreen for editing outdoors in bright sunshine, kept both me and my little one dry when caught in a heavy shower. Bike use to follow. Just brilliant!"

- Mark K.

"This is a great product excellent quality and overall fit, would recommend to others."

- Keith P.

"I wore my poncho for the first time today and I had so many people comment on it and 3 actually came up to me and asked where it was from! It really is brilliant. I even managed to put my 6 year old under it while waiting to cross the road."

-Hayleigh Russell

"Backpack saver in Vietnam. Our ponchos kept us dry and our bags too. I have to tell you that all the people in the trip were very impressed by the beauty and quality of the ponchos...Ponchos have saved us!!"

-Adrian Monroy

"Just what i wanted and needed excellent quality."

- Mandy T.

Perfect! The material is realy nice, light, not sweaty....the bag is nice to put it in, so you can take it with you on hikes.

- Caroline C.

Great, fits into your bag and keeps you bone dry in the most torrential rain....happy days !!!

- Lynne T.

Excellent quality and great service. It was very stylish in wet Venice.

-Denise Redfern

Fantastic-easily packed up and gives really good coverage in heavy rain! Love it!!

- Fiona W.

RÌÊpid i producte absolutament simpÌÊtic i satisfactori. Molt ben acabat.

- Alfred D.

chuffed with the poncho... (thankfully) I‰Ûªve only needed the poncho once since I bought it, on a bike in a quick shower. I‰Ûªm 6‰Ûª3" and it kept me dry and the design/size is perfect for covering the handlebars too whilst riding. The quality of the material, finishing and branding is spot on. Highly recommended.

- Andy P.

I needed something from keeping me being soaked wet when riding my bike so after looking around on the interwabs I stumbled upon The People's Poncho. Well, I'm not disappointed ! Does the job perfectly while keeping that lil' je ne sais quoi of style. Like being a waterproof Batman on your ride, what more can you ask Oh and the swift shipping and service quality were all perfect too. Thanks gals and guys !

- Antoine G.

"London essential. Great brand - would like to see some not made for cycling and more for just everyday adventuring in the rain! This is why they are so useful + waterproof."

- Charlotte Gronwall

"It's a great idea and the reflectors are good and I think with a voucher I will buy one for my kids they like me in it because I relax in the rain rather than run for cover."

- Leona Daly

"Machu Picchu life saver!!- AMAZING I was warm and dry - envied by my fellow trekkers! The Poncho performed brilliantly - can't recommend it highly enough. Well done on your product guys!"

- Joanna Turner

"I get shocked but envious glances when I wear my yellow Poncho. I Got some genuine enquiries at The Hay Festival last week. #lovemyponcho"

-Sarah McGuinness

"I love biking around the city even when it's raining with this poncho I can do both without problem, great portable outfit."

- Samuel

"Molt Content! FantÌÁstica, la prenda perfecta per la pluja, ideal pel ciclista, cobertura total. :)"

- Alfred D.

"A poncho for the people Honestly best investment - no longer turning up to work looking like a drenched rat. No rain/no pain!"

- Georgia

"I've tried it on - looks as if it will be just the job. I'm a Morris dancer and this will be ideal to cover my tatter coat and hat along with my back pack. And it comes in Wreckers Border Morris colors."

- Susanne V.

"Keeps your everything dry, except shoes, so wear gunboats I guess."

- Josua B.

"Happy traveler This is the perfect poncho to take traveling, or keep on you in a rainy climate. Light, easy and everyone always compliments me on the style."

- Lily French

"Perfect for Rainy commuting! ‰Û÷Arriving to the office in the poncho was a different story. Not only did the Japanese Polyester look and feel good it kept me dry on my 30 minute commute during heavy rains. The stylish details and clean look make this a fashionable piece of rain gear that works both on and off the bike."

-Momentum Magazine

"It's multi-purpose - So many cycling products are not. That alone makes the Poncho a very appealing purchase. Wear it to commute on your bike (which I did), take it hiking, wear it at a festival. really impressed with the People‰Ûªs Poncho, it‰Ûªs construction is really high quality and at å£55.00 it‰Ûªs really well priced."

-Headsetpress Magazine

"No skimping on style! I hate hi-vis. (There, I said it.) And I hate technical clothing when I'm riding a bike. Why should I have to wear something that looks terrible just to get around on two wheels? This is the *perfect* accessory for a rainy commute when a raincoat just won't cut it - and it looks amazing! I love how it reflects just enough, but still works with my all-black wardrobe (and keeps you dry!). I even want to wear it when it's not raining! Thanks, People's Poncho for this awesome product. Highly recommended!"

-Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman

"It's worth it! I would recommend it."

- Daved F.

"Great design and quality and efficient service too."

-Cath Kidston

"Want to keep dry? This poncho is the one! I placed an order two days before I was going Glastonbury understanding that this year would be quite wet. The poncho kept me and my back pack dry on the two days I needed to use it. A great length, light weight, and folds down into a bag that can be stored away. Will deffo use this again, a great investment."

-Sandip Bulsara

"Absolutely essential. I bought the Fisherman's yellow poncho and it was an absolute lifesaver at Glastonbury! Compact and light enough to tie onto my waste without noticing when it was dry, and perfect for staying dry and comfortable in the rain. Fits over whatever you're wearing so it's completely hassle free. Thanks Poncho team!

- Michael Orme

"Game changer this is the best accessory you can buy. Its compact when you are not using it but covers 90% of yourself when in use. The quality is unparalleled, great great product."

-Alan Huber

"Good emergency garment. It makes a good emergency garment for keeping in your bag to protect you on those unexpected wet rides home. I can see that this poncho will be great for general outdoor use with occasional cycling investiture."

-Emily Esche

"Dear Poncho man,Chuffed to bits with my black poncho, thanks guys! The poncho is incredibly handy for rainy commutes into work on foot and two wheels. It looks really smart both on and off the bike and the lightweight design means I can carry it anywhere. Great job guys!"

- Tom Harding

For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds from eachsale will go to Hurricane Harvey Children's Relief Fund, to helpsupport and protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families.


$15 shipping peritemfor worldwide orders on all the people's poncho items.Items ship from London, England. Items ship via Royal Mail First Class (U.K.) and Royal Mail International (rest of world) and include tracking. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.

For U.K. orders, please allow 1-2 business days for delivery. For Europe orders, please allow 2-5 business days for delivery, For U.S. orders, please allow 5-7 business days for delivery. For rest of world orders, please allow 5-14 business days for delivery, depending on your location.


Returns are allowed within 14 days of purchase date. A full refund will be provided as long as items are returned unworn, unused and in original condition. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@jetsettimes.com and we'd be happy to help.

Once the poncho has left the Royal Mail authorities (i.e. in the hands of the postal service in your country) the delivery is no longer our responsibility. This means that in the unlikely event of a ponchonot arriving to you, we will send afree replacement poncho but you will be asked to pay the shipping fee for the replacement.


Customer is responsible for any custom and import fees where applicable. Please check if you will be eligible before ordering.

"Welcome to the people‰Ûªs poncho. Founded in 2016 we take our inspiration from China, where unperturbed by the rainy weather people hop from place to place under the protection of a simple lightweight poncho. We decided to adopt this democratic, uniform way of doing things and developed a poncho that could suit the needs of people around the world.

After trying material after material, design after design and finally found something we could be proud of, something that would prepare you for any kind of rainy day of adventure.To provide affordable, practical and credible protection from the rain wherever your outdoor adventure may take you.

ŽÝ¬Š__ means 'umbrella' and due to it's initial origin in China we wanted to keep the Chinese heritage. The Š__ in 'the people's poncho' means UMBRELLA and is shaped like an umbrella. Likewise ŽÝ¬ has four rain drops in it and takes the meaning RAIN.

A one-size-fits-all poncho in different colors to suit different personalities, it's made from Japanese polyester with a waterproof rating of 12,000mm, usually reserved for extreme weather conditions. We've sewn in reflective piping to ensure safety at night and a pocket to store your possessions. All in a dinky bag small enough to travel anywhere. We'd love to hear your thoughts so keep in touch and remember, next time it rains you may well feel like you're walking on cloud nine!"

- the people's poncho

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