Yoga Mat & Gym Refresher Spray for Men & Women - CALM


Yoga is a time for deep relaxation, purification and strengthening of body and mind. Yoga Mat Freshener - CALM helps you relax your mind and invigorate your spirit! Yoga mats and exercise props can accumulate a buildup of sweat, dirt and odor. Ensure peace of mind with just a few sprays of CALM to your yoga mat. It's so effective that it can even neutralize odor trapped deep within boxing gloves, and it's great for treadmills or benches at the gym!

Features organic infusion of organic essential oils, including antiseptic, anti-bacterial and aroma-therapeutic properties, plus organic plant extracts and purified water, housed in spray mist bottle. dScent: Lavender peppermint. Price: $10.99. Weight: 4oz (120ml). 100% handmade in USA. Ships only to USA.

For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will help fund Exploring Paths, a mentorship program that helps youths in urban environments by providing them an outlet to have fun living healthy, active lives while simultaneously exploring their own paths of development through biking, mentorship and nature.


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Shake, spray, wipe, dry, namaste! It's that simple!

"Love love love love"

- Diana Manzano

"So much for practicing non-attachment in yoga...I'm addicted to Calm! It lives in my yoga mat bag, and I use it before and after every class - it smells so good and actually does have a really nice, soothing effect. The lavender and mint are all at once calming and invigorating. I highly recommend. (Can I get this on auto-refill?!)"

- Beatrice Cohen

"YoMo Essentials began as a personal mission to safely and effectively clean my dog's bowls. Conventional methods failed to remove the slimey buildup that formed after each and every meal. I set out to discover a formula to break through this gunk on dog bowls without introducing toxic or harsh chemicals into my dog's environment, nor my own.

After a long journey of research and after much testing (no animal testing!) and trial and error, this puzzling matter was finally resolved with the creation of NO MORE SLYMEES Pet Bowl Cleaner. Through scientific laboratory testing, I found that this product not only cleans bowls but helps keep pets healthy by keeping their dishes germ free!

Each subsequent YoMo Essentials product has been created to accommodate specific necessities in our lives and in the lives of our furry friends - all the while conscientiously protecting the environment and our precious earth.

YoMo Essentials utilizes only pure, organic, and natural ingredients, which are completely free of toxins and chemicals, creating a healthier chemical-free lifestyle for pets and humans and protecting our environment in the process.

You can have peace of mind with YoMo Essentials!"

- Shoshana Cohen, CEO/Owner of YoMo Essentials

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