Natural Insect Repellant Body Spray for Men & Women - BUG ME NOT


BUG ME NOT is an all-natural insect repellent created with a unique combination of 100% pure, organic essentials oils proven to deter and repel mosquitoes, fleas and ticks from dogs and humans.

Throughout history, oils from plants have been used to keep insects at bay, and essential oils are the earth's oldest, purest, and most effective repellent of bugs and insects. Many insects have a natural aversion to various essential oils and will instinctively avoid them. BUG ME NOT was created as a safe, effective, and all-natural solution for keeping your dogs insect-free. And it's proven to be a very effective mosquito repellent for use on humans, repelling mosquitoes found in different countries from around the globe. Not to mention the aroma smells lovely!

Features all natural ingredients, including organic jojoba oil, coconut oil, purified water, and organic essential oil blend for a smooth and moisturizing feel on your skin. Works for pets and humans! Directions: Shake and spray! It's that simple. Price: $13. Weight: 4oz (120ml). 100% handmade in USA. Ships only to USA.

For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will help fund Exploring Paths, a mentorship program that helps youths in urban environments by providing them an outlet to have fun living healthy, active lives while simultaneously exploring their own paths of development through biking, mentorship and nature.


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"Smells good!!"

- Megan Miller

"Amazing!!! This has been helpful at helping keep the fleas off my furniture!!"

- Julie Patten

"This product actually works! No bites! Smells great, I would buy it again!"

- mcohen4418

"This is the only repellent I'll ever use! I live in Florida, and couldn't cope without this! It is as effective as the ones loaded with poison, and smells like perfume :) Just perfect. Thank you Yomo Essentials!"

- Nivia

"Ok, I have to tell you what a wonderful product this is from a wonderful store. I feel very good about using this product on a 3 yr. old as well as myself because it is all natural. And it really does work."

- Karol Dougherty

"Shipped super fast... But more importantly, this stuff works! No bites and no chemicals!"

- Beatrice Cohen

"YoMo Essentials began as a personal mission to safely and effectively clean my dog's bowls. Conventional methods failed to remove the slimey buildup that formed after each and every meal. I set out to discover a formula to break through this gunk on dog bowls without introducing toxic or harsh chemicals into my dog's environment, nor my own.

After a long journey of research and after much testing (no animal testing!) and trial and error, this puzzling matter was finally resolved with the creation of NO MORE SLYMEES Pet Bowl Cleaner. Through scientific laboratory testing, I found that this product not only cleans bowls but helps keep pets healthy by keeping their dishes germ free!

Each subsequent YoMo Essentials product has been created to accommodate specific necessities in our lives and in the lives of our furry friends - all the while conscientiously protecting the environment and our precious earth.

YoMo Essentials utilizes only pure, organic, and natural ingredients, which are completely free of toxins and chemicals, creating a healthier chemical-free lifestyle for pets and humans and protecting our environment in the process. You can have peace of mind with YoMo Essentials!"

- YoMo Essentials

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